wordpress theme transformation

WordPress theme development

At Syllogic we understand the need to have a website that is elegant and yet unique, to ensure that our client’s sites have a look & feel that is fresh and distinct from their competition.

However, theme design is probably the most time and energy consuming web-deveopment, so how do we reconcile the above requirement with the need for competitive pricing.  Our approach is to make use of professional theme designs which are available for WordPress and to tweak the design to give it a fresh look, one that fits the requirement.  For this we have selected ElegantThemes.com, a professional WordPress development theme company that has an incredible catalogue of themes.

Here are a few examples of themes transformation we have executed,

The Divi themeThe Aggregate themeThe Explorable themeThe WP2014 theme
Divi ElegantThemes transformation
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The Divi Theme

the latest theme from ElegantThemes.com, the Divi theme is a mordern theme. We converted it for the ISOL Foundation, a research organisation based at Delhi University.

ElegantThemes Aggregate theme transformation
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The Aggregate Theme

The Aggregate theme is designed with a magazine in mind, allowing a lot of information to be presented on its home page. We converted it for The CSR Journal.

ElegantThemes Explorable theme transformation
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The Explorable theme

ElegantThemes.com’s Explorable theme is again a marvellous theme that allows the interactive exploration of geo-location based content via an interactive Google map. We transformed it for The Green People of India organisation

Wordpress TwentyFourteen themetransformation
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The Twenty14 theme

In this case we chose the excellent WordPress default theme for 2014, along with some tweaks provided by Josh Pollock and transformed it into a right-aligned theme for our office site.